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Diverse Books and Toys for Children

Through understanding various cultures and social groups, children are able to make connections from their own lives to the lives of their peers. Teaching diversity increases cultural competence, which in turn allows children to be empathetic to the experiences of others.


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Daily Reminder!

An affirmation a day keeps the sad faces away! 😊

Help your child develop a healthy sense of self, a positive mental, social, and emotional mindset.

Award-winning Books!

Introducing our Affirmation board book! It's a fantastic way to teach ABCs while boosting your baby's confidence with positive words and 26 affirmations. Plus, the vibrant colors and inclusive design make learning even more exciting!

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Bilingual Babies and Toddlers are the Future!

With Little Lingo you can learn not 1, 2, 3....but 4 languages in one! This book is a fun and engaging way to boost children’s vocabulary while teaching them different languages from around the world.

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Learn About the Diverse World of STEM!

With this culturally representative puzzle, children can envision themselves in every profession. The heads and bodies are interchangeable so your child's STEM careers are limitless.

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Great, Durable DIVERSE product!

These dolls are amazing and the cards are durable. The most important parts IMO is the concept of diversity being incorporated with learning! What a phenomenal product!

Great for learning at home!

I love these cards for my toddler. They help him with learning the ABCs in a creative way. I can teach him and give him affirmations at the same time! He loves to hand me his favorites to read over and over again.

Great for children!

As a Marriage and Family Therapy student, these will work great with children during a therapy session (or just having them at home, school, or church) to help children better understand and express how they feel!

Great Product! My kids love it !

This product is so amazing. The quality is great ! With everything going on in the world today, it is good to teacher children about people from all different walks of life . Great job ! I love it !!